Soft Sculpture

Fine Art Dolls

NBA All Star Weekend

Samsung Installation

Ninja Kiosk

DefCon 2010 Installation

Light Up Xmas

Sacramento Installation

Fright Factory

Halloween Installation

LED Dragon

Stilt Circus


Digitas NewFront

Justin Bieber Roast

Comedy Central Party

EA Battlefront Booth

Star Wars Celebration

Samsung Store

Hollywood Installation

Pilot Episode

Machinima Online

Resident Evil

Sony Pictures

Abominable Pictures

Internal Project

50 Million Celebration

Netflix Installation

Audi Pre-Emmy Party

Beverly Hills Installation

American Ninja Warrior

NBC Network

The Amazing Race

CBS Network

The Guild

Geek & Sundry

Ninja Tel

DefCon 2012 Installation

LED Hula Hoop


Disney's Aulani

Wireless Installation

Justin Lin's HELP

Google's Interactive Stories


Netflix Installation


CW Network

Prototype Build

bBooth Industries

Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N

Marvel Installation

Game Over

Machinima Online

Projects and installations designed, engineered and/or fabricated by Dragonsquared

Charity Event

Cat Con Los Angeles

Animal Rescue

Kitten Dorm

Line of Sight

Jet Propulsion Labs

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